The one thing that Americans have that they completely take for
  granted is their right to vote.  Ask anyone who has immigrated legally
  to  this country, our voting process is what distinguishes us from the
  countries run by dictators.  It allows us to sleep at night because we
  believe that with each vote we make, we retain control of our lives
  from corrupt politicans.

  In order to protect that  privilege, each one of us has a duty to ensure
  that the integrity of the process is maintained.  Without that integrity,
  our  country is no longer distinguishable from other countries with
  corrupt  elections.  We MUST rise above the fray.

  What our group is "hoping" to do is to ensure that the integrity of this
  process is maintained for ALL Nevadans.

  We are a non-partisan group of volunteers that want to take
  responsibility for the quality of voting process.

  We do not campaign or support candidates, we work to maintain the
  right to vote for Nevadans.
Last update:     August 8, 2013
One of the penalties for refusing
to participate in politics is that
you end up being governed
by your inferiors -